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Creates a new user.

Example URL


userKeyNA unique ID to be associated with the new userString
countryCodeNTwo-letter country code associated with new userString
secondsFromGMTNDifference in seconds between user’s time zone and Greenwich Mean Time. Defaults to -25200 (PST).Int


This service requires authentication. Refer to Authentication for more details.

Sample Response

    'statusCode': 200,
    'body': {
       'userKey': "Ndk378FlwkdU3gjw"


Melodia’s music recommendation is centered around the individual user. As such, before any recommendations can be made, a user must first be defined.

The user.createNewUser method creates a new user on your platform. Once created, the method returns a unique ID associated with the new user, which can then be used to make personalized calls to other methods. Optionally, you may choose to provide a custom ID to create the new user using the userKey request parameter. If a custom ID is provided, it must be unique to your platform, otherwise the call will fail.