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Returns moment track suggestions grouped by genre

Example URL


userKeyYA unique ID to be associated with the new userString
timestampNCurrent moment’s Unix timestamp (in seconds). Defaults to current timestamp.Int
activityNCurrent moment’s activity. Can be either of the following: stationary, walking, running, biking, drivingString
location_latitudeNCurrent moment’s location’s latitude (in degrees)Float
location_longitudeNCurrent moment’s location’s longitude (in degrees)Float
location_altitudeNCurrent moment’s location’s altitude (in meters)Float
genre_countNNumber of genre groups to return. Must be between 1 and 10 (defaults to 5)Int
track_countNNumber of tracks per genre group. Must be between 1 and 10 (defaults to 5)Int


This service requires authentication. Refer to Authentication for more details.

Sample Response

    "statusCode": 200,
        "groups": [
            {"theme": "60's Rock",
             "tracks": [
                "trackKey": "MT239432948",
                "title": "Someone Like You",
                "artist": "Adele",
                "artistKey": "MA29FE4f3gXj",
                "artwork100": ""
            {"theme": "Singer-Songwriter",
             "tracks": [
                "trackKey": "MT2894F294R",
                "title": "Thinking Out Loud",
                "artist": "Ed Sheeran",
                "artistKey": "MA69FE2f3g34",
                "artwork100": ""


Call this method to get track suggestions for the user’s current moment that are gruoped by distinct genres. Melodia looks at the user’s past lisetening patters to find the optimal set of genres that the user is most likely to enjoy at that time and context, and returns a set of suggested tracks for each genre.