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Smart Queue

To allow more flexibility for users to curate their station, Melodia’s Smart Queue provides dynamic suggestions that the user can then simply add to the queue of upcoming tracks.

Suggestions come in the form of individual tracks and groups of tracks (i.e., playlists). For the latter, tracks are grouped by a common theme that best matches the current flow of music being played. The theme may be a given genre (e.g., 60’s Rock), artist (e.g., songs by Adele), or a custom playlist created by the user.

Queue Suggestion Types

Queue Suggestion Types

The queue suggestions are meant to be dynamic, meaning that a new set of suggestions should be requested any time a new song is played or added to the upcoming queue of songs by the user. In addition to the user’s current context and past listening patterns, Melodia’s recommendation engine takes into account the track currently being played to the user as well as the upcoming tracks in the queue to determine the optimal set of suggestions.