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Personalized Playlists

Melodia takes playlist personalization to a whole new level. With Melodia, you can curate your user’s playlists not just to their unique taste, but also to their moment. You can even generate your own personalized playlists based on a track, artist, genre, or any combination thereof!

  1. Moment and Activity Playlists
  2. Multi-Seed Playlist Generator

Moment and Activity Playlists

Melodia offers two types of context-based personalized playlists: moment and activity.

The moment playlist suggestions are just what their name suggests: they are curated specifically to the user’s current moment (i.e., time, day of week, location, activity, etc.). Melodia’s AI engine derives these playlists not just by learning from the user’s own listening patterns, but by also making inferences from other user’s listening patterns with similar taste profiles.

For activity playlists, Melodia curates personalized playlists according to the activity about to be undertaken by the user. The user’s activity can be classified as stationary, walking, running, biking, or driving. Similar to the moment playlist suggestions, the activity playlists are also curated to the user’s unique taste and listening history.

Multi-Seed Playlist Generator

For a more customized approach to creating playlists, Melodia offers a smart playlist generator. The generator takes in as input one or more track, artist, or genre seeds, and outputs a playlist of tracks that best matches the combination of seeds provided. Moreover, a user ID may also be passed as a parameter to the generator to further pursonalize the playlist’s tracks selection to match the user’s unique taste profile.

Multi-Seed Playlist Generator Input/Output

Multi-Seed Playlist Generator Input/Output