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Music Discovery

With its patent pending graph-based recommendation algorithms, Melodia makes it easy to offer the right new music for your users to explore.

With over 3000 genres, one million artists, and 16 million tracks in its catalog, Melodia offers a wide variety of music to discover, from Country Rock to French Hip Hop to Avant-Garde Classical!

Personalized Recommendation

Melodia’s API offers a simple way to get personalized recommendations tailored to the user. With one single call (see explore.getExploreItems), you get customized track, artist, and genre suggestions dynamically curated to the user’s unique taste profile. Melodia’s recommendation engine analyzes all the user’s historical data (such as liked tracks and artists, skipped tracks, most frequently played tracks, etc.) to offer optimized new music for the user to explore. Melodia also extrapolates its suggestions by comparing the user to other users with similar taste profiles (collaborative filtering open new tab) to offer a more humanistic approach to its recommendations.

Explore Similar Music

For a more customized approach, Melodia’s API allows you to effortlessly find similar items to a given seed item. Melodia’s graph-based techniques inherently allows for a more efficient and superior exploration functionality compared to other technologies. Whereas other services merely offer similar items based on generic, global similarity measures, Melodia takes a much more methodical and personalized approach to finding the optimal set of items.

Similar items can be found based on either track, artist, or genre seeds. For more information on the API calls, see explore.getSimilarTracks, explore.getSimilarArtists, and explore.getSimilarGenres