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Getting Started

Melodia offers a RESTful open new tab API, allowing you to utilize Melodia’s smart recommendation engine by calling methods that respond in JSON open new tab. Individual methods are described in the navigation panel to the left.


As an example, to call the explore.getSimilarTracks method, the url will be structured as follows:

The response to the above request will be in JSON format:

    'statusCode': 200,
    'body': {
        similarTracks: [
            "trackKey": "MT239432948",
            "title": "Where the Streets have no name",
            "artist": "U2",
            "artistKey": "MA29FE4f3gXj",
            "SpotifyId": "2IhEH9XR71pd3LeWcp215",
            "AppleId": "794563548"
            "trackKey": "MT23WMd2948",
            "title": "I'm On Fire",
            "artist": "Bruce Springsteed",
            "artistKey": "MA29FE3243gXj",
            "SpotifyId": "5kzYH9XR2GOpd3uejKYidf",
            "AppleId": "293724510"

Note that all API requests must be made over HTTPS open new tab. Moreover, API requests must be authenticated, as we will describe in the next section.