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Welcome to the Melodia API

Melodia now offers its smart music platform as an API! Read on to learn how you can integrate Melodia’s music recommendation technologies into your website or application and offer the most personalized music experience to your users.

The Melodia API comes with a full suite of features to boost and better personalize your music platform, including:

  • Smart Station:

    Melodia’s smart station technology offers one station personalized to the user’s taste and every moment.

  • Moment Intelligence:

    Get context-based (time of day, activity, location, speed, etc.) recommendations.

  • Smart Queue:

    Melodia offers dynamic queue suggestions that adapts to the current flow of music being played.

  • Tempo Control:

    Further adjust the user’s personalized music flow based on motion/activity (ideal for fitness and workout apps)

  • Smart Playlists:

    Get playlists based on the user’s current moment and activity that are custom-made to their unique individual tastes.

  • Multi-Seed Playlist Generator:

    Create your own playlists from one or more seeds (track, artist, or genre)

  • Music Discovery Tools:

    Get fine-tuned tracks, artists, and genres for your users to explore. Derive similar tracks, artists, and genres using Melodia’s proprietary graph-based exploration technology.

  • Spotify/Apple IDs:

    Each track comes with an associated Spotify And Apple Music ID for easy integration with those platforms.

  • Huge Catalog:

    Over 16 million tracks, 2 million artists, and 3000 genres to explore!

To learn more about our packages and pricing, contact us at

What is Melodia?

Melodia is a smart music platform, offering a simpler way to play and discover music.

At its core, Melodia’s philosophy is to provide every user with one smart music station that is personalized to their unique taste and adapts to their every moment. Using its patent-pending AI, machine learning, and graph-based exploration technologies, Melodia offers state-of-the-art personalization to bring the user a dynamic music player.

Melodia learns from the user’s past listening patterns (i.e., listened songs, skipped songs, duration listened, etc.) and makes inferences from their current context (i.e., time of day, day of week, activity, location, etc.) to recommend and play a curated flow of music that is just right for the user’s moment.

Melodia Main Features

Melodia Main Features

In addition to the smart station technology, Melodia also offers advanced radio station tools and playlist generators with enhanced personalization features that would take your music platform to the next level.

The next section will describe how to get started with the API.